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What happens if the loan debt is not paid for 3 months, foreclosure comes when the loan debt does not pay for 3 months, the loan installment is delayed by 3 months. Loan debts can lead to payment difficulties when applying unplanned. If you have used a loan and have difficulty paying, you should take precautions.

You should remember that legal proceedings will start in case of non-payment of 3 months for credit debts, and you should be more cautious when paying your credit debts. 

What happens if the loan is not paid 3 months?

What happens if the loan is not paid 3 months?

If the debt is not paid to the banks for 3 months, the banks legally initiate legal proceedings against the persons who do not pay the loan debt. 3 months means that two consecutive credits are not paid. Banks generally pay the monthly payment amount and the loan debt. For this reason, if the loan installments are not paid in the 30 days after two months of payment, the borrower is subject to legal proceedings, foreclosures to his house and salary, and even if he has used a vehicle and housing loan, he is confronted with the sale of movable and immovable.

We should also remind you that you are obliged to pay the full amount of the loan as soon as legal proceedings have started. The bank will demand all the remaining installments at once, as the credit debt enters into legal proceedings and will disrupt the loan agreement. At the same time not only the loan, the bank’s attorneys’ fees will also be installed upon you, you had to pay the legal fees of credit with debt. For this reason, you should take a look at the loan configuration options as soon as you have difficulty paying your credit debts.

What should be done for those who do not pay their loan debt for 3 months?

The answer to the question of what to do for those who do not pay the loan debt for 3 months is among the issues that credit users who are not able to pay their loan and do not want to be followed legally. Those who cannot pay two consecutive installments of the loan debt are asked to pay the debts by drawing a warning on the 54th day. At the end of 90 days, the bank will contact you again and request that the outstanding debts be collected. In this case;

  • Ask the bank to structure your debts slightly above the loan interest you have not paid,
  • Or you can continue paying your credit regularly by paying your outstanding debts along with overdue interest and caution fees.

However, if none of the options listed above have been made, your credit debt will be transferred to bank lawyers at the end of 90 days for legal follow-up. In this case, the overdue interest rate will continue to affect your debt. For this reason, you should either settle your debts by signing an agreement with a lawyer or close your outstanding debts by using credit from other banks before your credit rating is affected.

What happens if the credit card debt is not paid 3 months?


With the widespread use of credit cards, unwanted problems in credit cards are not paying the credit card debts. Although the payment of the minimum payment amount of the credit card debt frees the credit card user from legal proceedings, the credit interest will continue to be processed for the outstanding amount. Credit card;

  • If the due date is delayed and
  • If credit card period debt or minimum payment amount is not paid within 15 days after the payment date has passed

Your card is closed for use until your credit card debt is paid. In addition, if you do not pay your credit card debt for 90 days, the bank will initiate legal proceedings against you. At the end of the 90 days, the bank will give you a 7-day additional period and ask you to configure your debt or pay your debt. At the end of this period, if you do not pay your debt, you may face foreclosures to your salary or home. For this reason, what happens if the credit card debt can not be paid in 2019 , if you do not want to tamper with your mind at least by paying the minimum payment amount of your credit card, you can avoid legal prosecution and execution.

Does the law of credit debts?

Unpaid credit debts are transferred to lawyers and law offices at the end of the 90-day period and legal follow-up is initiated and the obliged person who has not paid the loan;

  • Foreclosure of 1/4 of the salary, ie 25%
  • Foreclosure of goods that cannot be considered as the basic need in the home of the credit holder
  • Preventing access to accounts by applying e-foreclosure to time deposit accounts in banks
  • In mortgaged loans, the sale of mortgaged movable or immovable at 40% lower price and closing of the loan debt

Such transactions are one of the methods applied by banks through lawyers. For this reason, it will be beneficial for you to make a structuring before the debts fall into legal proceedings.

If the loan debts become a lawyer, the legal follow-up procedures are usually made by the banks to the law offices in the province where you live. For this reason, you can apply to the lawyers after the execution of the execution proceedings or notification of your debts to your house and you can go to the agreement and offer to pay the unpaid loans in equal installments.

Legal Follow-up Process for Credit

Legal Follow-up Process for Credit

The fact that your debts have been given to a lawyer will result in additional costs, such as execution costs and attorneys’ fees, and will continue to interest your debts. Although the amount of your debts entering into legal proceedings varies from bank to bank, the lawyers are paid by the banks as a fee and this fee is collected from the credit attracting person. For example, if a debt of 10 thousand TL is legally followed, at least 12% attorney fee of 1200 TL is added to your debt and there are serious advantages in structuring your debts before starting legal transactions with banks.

If the debt is not paid, the salary and home foreclosure income?

If the debt is not paid, the salary and home foreclosure income?

The question of whether salary and home foreclosure income is particularly relevant for people who are likely to be under legal follow-up . If the amount of credit you have taken from the banks is too high, lawyers will apply foreclosure to 25% of your salary and bring foreclosure to your home through execution. However, during the foreclosure process that comes to your home, only valuable documents, antiques, jewelery and other items such as refrigerators, washing machines, televisions and armchairs are excluded from the scope of foreclosures.

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