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Loans without Christmas shopping certificates may not include commissions and are usually available up to PLN 150,000 in the promotion. The credit decision is fixed up to 24 hours, and the funds are transferred to the account even in 30 minutes. Through a cheap cash loan or a low-interest cash loan you can fulfill your holiday plans and make your dream come true.


Thinking about Christmas, we have prepared promotional offers of cash loans for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Make your dreams come true and let yourselves and your loved ones enjoy the upcoming holidays by taking the best cash loan on the market for the holidays.

Check current promotions of loans and cash loans and see the benefits of the PRO-credit cash loan, the Christmas cash loan N-Mobile , Eliisetbank promotional cash loan for Christmas dreams, Christmas loan for Rilai Bank, cheap loan cash Eliisetbank online, the best cash loan for Christmas from 1 thousand. PLN to 200 thousand Bank GGNP or Ideal cash loan for Christmas and New Year’s Eve proposed by Samboan Bank. The cash loan in the promotion offered by Bank Illiumen and the cheap, new internet loan offer for the Sappy-Loan holidays are also popular for Christmas.

By choosing a cash loan in the promotion for Christmas, you can pay less than 1 PLN per day for each borrowed PLN 1000 (along with credited costs) for a min. 3.5-year repayment. You can get a cash loan for Christmas and New Year on the same day, and cash on the Internet even in 30 minutes.


Loan from PRO-credit for Christmas

Loan from PRO-credit for Christmas

  • Attractive monthly installment – only PLN 1 per day for each PLN 1000 loan
  • Up to PLN 24,000 (along with credited costs) – just an account statement from the last 3 months and an ID card
  • Payment even the same day
  • A loan via the Internet, telephone and in the branch
  • You can use the loan for any purpose
  • You set the repayment date flexibly
  • Minimal formalities

The PRO-credit cash loan can be used for any purpose depending on your current needs and requirements. The amount of the loan for a zloty from PLN 1,000 to PLN 120,000, from PLN 1,000 to PLN 24,000 without certificates. The loan period is up to 96 months. Forms of collateral? The standard! Mini Rescue Loan for Christmas without security. Possible grace period in loan repayment.


Christmas promotions of loans and cash loans

Christmas  cash loans

NEW – Cash loan for Christmas from Sappy. Loans – loan for Christmas up to PLN 25,000. Repayment period from 3 to 48 months. The minimum amount of paperwork, a quick online decision and instant transfer of money for holidays to the customer’s account, which will fill the Sappy application. Christmas loans. Cheap cash loan for Christmas, or maybe a Christmas cash loan? Check out the best offers of cash loans and Christmas cash loans online for Christmas and New Years Eve.

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