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So far, the largest Czech bank – Good Finance offers a wide range of credit products in addition to regular banking services. You can borrow money from Good Finance in several different ways. Good Finance’s loans include the Cash Loan for Anything. It is a non-purpose bank loan, where you can easily borrow an amount from 30 thousand crowns.

The upper limit of this loan is not limited. For amounts up to USD 500,000, Good Finance does not require any liability; for higher amounts, collateral is required. The maximum amount then depends on the value of the guarantee or pledge.

Loan Terms and Conditions from Good Finance

Loan Terms and Conditions from Good Finance

The cash loan for anything from Good Finance is intended primarily for ordinary citizens who need a financial loan. Money from the bank can be used for various purposes, with this loan the use of money is not tied to any specific intention.

The loan maturity can range from 1 to 84 months. Good Finance will charge a one-off fee of one percent of the loan amount for loan approval. For this one-time loan approval fee, the minimum amount is USD 400, the maximum amount is not limited (ie the maximum amount is 1% of the borrowed money).

In addition to this one-off loan approval fee, Good Finance charges USD 708 as an annual loan management fee. However, no further fees are required.

How to get money from Good Finance?


In order to process the loan, you will need documents to prove your identity, and the bank also requires proof of the ability to repay the loan in due time. A statement of bank account where your employer sends you a payment can serve as proof of your income. Or you can have your employer issue a receipt for your income (the form can be found on the Good Finance website).

If you apply for a loan in excess of USD 500,000, Good Finance will require additional guarantees for borrowed money. It can be a guarantor or a loan secured by some real estate or other form.

Early repayment of the loan is only at Good Finance for a fee. The bank charges 1% of the balance (if you pay the loan early in the last year of its maturity, then it will be only 0.5%).

Good Finance also offers insurance for this loan. This can be insurance against long-term incapacity for work, full disability or death. In this case, the insurance will cover any expenses associated with the repayment of the loan installments.

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